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Halinang Bumasa at Sumulat

Halinang Bumasa at Sumulat

SKU: 9789718280997

Halinang Bumasa at Sumulat is an instructional book on reading and writing in Filipino made for students in the preparatory level. The author, Elena Cutiongco, believes that the manner by which reading and writing are taught during the beginner level is important for the students' mastery of the language. The book makes it easier for teachers to teach reading and writing in Filipino through the "phonological method" and, in turn, this also makes it easier—and faster—for students to learn and get used to the language.

The materials, accompanied by beautiful drawings of Elbert Or, do not only focus on helping the students master the skills of recognizing, reading, and writing the words, it also teaches students to understand and comprehend ultimately teaching them to love reading more.


Pages: 196
Size: 8.5 x 11 in
Language: Filipino

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